Written by vwalke on November 29, 2010

I have to admit that after having four daughters I get a little tired of pink. Even though I make a conscious effort to avoid pink, I still end up with enough to wash an entire pink-only load of laundry each week . Pink has been Andrea’s favorite color for several years now, which is pretty typical for the 3-4 year old girl. Lately, though, she’s switched her color of choice to orange. Yea! However, orange is often difficult to find in girls clothing. We were walking through WallyWorld the other day and found this cute shirt in the boys section.

It’s cute, but lacking in the femininity department. Luckily, they were only $3.50 so buying two was doable. I quickly formed an idea in my head for making it more girly. I decided to make it into a jacket since she already had a little orange shirt that was a close enough match to wear underneath.

First, I cut one of the shirts up the front and cut off the bottom third of the sleeve.

Then, I cut the bottom third off the other shirt, cutting off the side seams to make two pieces. I folded each piece in half and sewed up the seam. I gathered the unfinished edge slightly to fit the cut edge of the first shirt sleeve, and sewed the gathered piece on to the cut edge of the sleeve to form a cute bell sleeve.

Next, I carefully cut off two of the gray stripes, gathered them and attached them to the front edges of the jacket.

Finally, I found two cute flower buttons and added them to the front. I used a small hair elastic as a closure, looping it around each button. I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

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